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Replacement windows are a significant investment. 

With the right windows, your home becomes a place of

comfort and warmth that you’re proud of. Poorly chosen windows can spoil the look of your home and let in

draughts, cold and noise.  Around 20% of the heat escaping from any home is lost through its windows, so it

pays in the long term to understand how to make a right window choice.


Welcome to First Class Frames Manufacturing Ltd.

By choosing us you can guarantee a better warmer home.

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Imagine a place where you can retreat and really relax. A conservatory that adds light into your home. A place just for you tailored to your needs and individual style.



Beautiful Bi-Fold doors bringing the outside in, with style and security.



Nothing makes a statement like the doorway to your home.

Everyone wants their front door to look good, but security maintenance and insulation are important too.


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